Memoirs: Camping the Islands of Lake George

My first memories of campaign go back to the time I was pretty little. I remember ever so clearly the excitement of sleeping in a tent, sitting around the campfire and just the feeling of everyone relaxing with nothing to distract them.

Of course as I grew my love of camping become more complex and complete. I love camping and am always in search for the ‘perfect’ camp site.

My quest has taken me through great places like the Rockies, the Ozark’s and beyond. However, I still haven’t found anywhere that can compete with my favorite place to camp. It’s right here at home in the Adirondacks: the Islands of Lake George!

Memoirs of the Islands

My first experience camping on one of Lake George’s Islands was unforgettable. There is no driving up and unloading your vehicle. You can’t backpack up to it either. The only way there is on a boat, which adds to the emotion of the experience. Our first trip was just with my mother and sister —I was about 9 years old— the three of us were dropped off on an Island and picked up the next week. I now marvel at the courage of my mother, but at the time didn’t give it much thought.

It was a full week with no electricity, no water (other than the lake) and no bathroom (other than an ancient wooden outhouse)! It was great!

I have since been back many times, however, always with a boat. 😉

There is something about waking up on a small island in the Adirondacks that words can’t describe. The calmness of the lake, the steam rising from it, the amazing sunrise over the mountains and the movement of the small creatures as the ‘world’ wakes up. It all seems so surreal and that’s just the beginning f the day!

The days are filled with just enjoying life, of course food is an important, and time consuming part of the day, but it is also one of the most satisfying. Swimming in the lake, relaxing and sunbathing on a nice warm boulder that juts out of the water, and of course fishing for supper are all activities that seem to give your life sense again!

The evening sunset on the lake is even more magical than the sunrise! Of course there is then the magical moment of the campfire, dinner and some singing accompanied by the guitar!


Writing this in my apartment on my computer under florescent lights seems somewhat ironic 🙂 and makes me appreciate the experience that much more so.

If you are looking for an amazing camping experience The Islands of Lake George are a great place to try. I still haven’t found anywhere that compares to them!