A visit to the Adirondacks would hardly be complete without benefiting from the awesome natural splendor the mountain tops have to give you. The best way to do this is by hiking them!

The Adirondacks offer spectacular hikes with amazing views! Actually, Adirondack Park has over 2,000 miles of trails that makes it the nations largest trail system! With such extensive trails it shouldn’t surprise you there are trails to match anyones’ needs.

If you are hiking with that special someone there are many trails that provide a pleasant relaxing and awesomely beautiful setting to savor one anothers’ company inside a relaxed atmosphere. There are also lots of trails for families with children. You will find shorter hikes to ponds and waterfalls, or steeper hikes that ascend to summit peaks or lookout towers.

This article will mention three popular hikes which are near to and simply utilized from Lake George Village.


Before we get started we would like to suggest taking a look at some of these hiking tips before you decide to get out and go hiking.

We don’t want to waste too much of our space for this post on tips, but we decided to open a parenthesis to include some interesting links.

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Now that that is out of the way let’s take a look at some great hikes in the Lake George area!


This really is local favorite! One good reason might be that it may be easily accessed from the village, however, you will find surly the primary reason behind its’ recognition the astonishing view at the top and also the feeling of accomplishment that you get after climbing there.

The height from the summit is 2,030 ft. The path is nearly three miles round-trip (2.7 m). The path starts with a walkable bridge which goes over the I-87 throughway.

The level of skill from the trail is regarded as “moderate” to “difficult” therefore it will pose a bit of challenging if you’re not an enthusiastic hiker or walker. However, if you’re not up for that full challenge you are able to climb to the top summit inside your vehicle around the Prospect Mountain Highway.

When you make it to the top mountain the views of the Lake, the village and also the Islands are spectacular. You might also be surprised at the facilities that you will find.

The top of Prospect mountain used to be the site of a historic hotel that used the spectacular vista to draw in clients. Interestingly the majority of the trail up follows the initial funicular train that was installed to take the tourists up the mountain previously. As the hotel burned down years back, you may still find a few of the original foundations, including area of the funicular building. There’s also bathrooms, picnic tables and a pleasant pavilion with tables under it.

If you like physical activity but you are traveling with someone who doesn’t you might want to try what several couples have done:

Some couples enjoy physical effort outside, by which situation the hike could be a great connecting moment. However, many occasions it’s the guys who benefit from the hiking many the ladies that benefit from the leisure towards the top of the summit. This getting been stated, a lot of visitors have discovered a pleasant solution: they meet at the very top. As the man enjoys the hike up, the lady have a nice ride within the vehicle. Then they both benefit from the relaxing atmosphere at the very top together!


This really is another favorite among the locals, a few of which decide to anchor their boat in Log Bay then go swimming ashore and go ahead and take hike to the summit. An event that’s worth the effort!

The path may also be utilized by vehicle on the scenic route that’s about 40 minutes from the village, by boat it should take between 15 and twenty minutes. You may choose to climb the mountain (Shelving Rock) or hike lower towards the water fall, (Shelving Rock Falls) which you’ll see within the picture below:

The hike towards the waterfall is 2.5 miles, it had been initially and old carriage road (area of the Knapp estate) so the level of skill from the trail is regarded as “easy”. This will make for any more leisurely and romantic stroll inside a beautiful surroundings. Amongst other things you will notice a beaver dam on the way, however, the truly romantic atmosphere comes when you achieve your destination: Shelving Rock Falls. As you can tell within the picture underneath the falls are beautiful!


This hike can be combined with the Lake Shore Trail or done on a later date. The entry way is identical. The hike to the top is 3.4 miles round-trip also it can usually be carried out in around an hour. The level of skill from the trail is regarded as “easy” although there are several steep points. Part of the trail was originally part of the extensive carriage roads that were created in the area of the Knapp estate.
The hike is worthwhile for its’ beautiful lake views at the very top, while not everybody will get them! It is because in the peak there’s doesn’t have a view, although soon after the summit past a little grassy opening there’s a narrow path leading for an amazing look at the lake!

Who knows you may even see some Adirondack wildlife while you are up there!

Benefit From The Outdoors TOGETHER!

Wherever you decide to spend you time, the key factor is you take time to breath the new mountain air, take in the beautiful Adirondack scenery and enjoy the company of whoever companies you!

…Whether it be a loved on…

…or just a close companion…