Village of Lake George – Introduction to a Travel Gem

One of the greatest and most stunning locations in the Adirondack Mountains is Lake George. It is an area that swarms with happy, sun-seeking travelers during the summer months and chills to the light of moonbeam filled off-season months with many happy residents.

Fishing On The LakeAccording to the official town website, there are actually more full time residents than there are vacationing renters although the Village of Lake George is renown for being a vacationing gem. The population of the town is quite small overall at just under 3,600.

The Town of Lake George was established as Caldwell, a formation of two other municipalities, in 1810. It was not until 1962 it got the name Lake George which is for the nearby lake. The lake is at the heart of the region and was was named for King George II during the French and Indian war of the 1700s. The town itself is a municipality which encompasses the Village which was established as its own entity in 1903.

The area is just as much a home to second homeowners as it is to full time residents. The vacationers enjoy it during the summer months when swimming, boating, fishing, steamboat cruises and water skiing are all the rage. Residents love it all year long and do not mind the cooler weather or the snow that the winter months brings to the mountains.

The Village is perfect for families, couples and friends who just want a getaway that has it all from barbecues and fireworks to quaint shops, excellent dining spots and special events. Some of the best places to stay are along the water in the Village at various resorts, hotels and rental homes.

There are spots to enjoy camping, hiking and biking. Take a boat out to one of the nearby islands for a picnic or fishing jaunt that will make lasting memories.

When you have to bring home a souvenir or three, there are plenty of shops along Canada Street. Buy anything from shirts and sandals to charming decor that will travel home with you to remind you of the fond memories you made during your stay.

One of the best spots to get to at least for a day is Million Dollar Beach. There are plenty of rentals and resorts along the water to enjoy during the summer season, and you will want to book them as soon as you can. June and July are some of the busiest months in Lake George. Do everything from sunbathing by the lake beach to sunbathing by a pool, or take yourself for a boating excursion.

June through September are excellent times for vacationing. Autumn events like Balloon Fest and the Adirondack car show make it suitable to travel to the Village and stay at a more relaxed pace during post Labor Day months.

See what this gem of a place has to offer. Plan a trip to the Village of Lake George soon.