Try Lake George Parasailing

Lake George in upper New York is a beautiful area and a great place for a family vacation. If you ever have the opportunity to visit there you will find that there are many exciting things to do. Some of the more notable and adventurous things that you can do is kayaking, hot air balloon tours, helicopter tours, scuba diving, fishing and hiking, and parasailing. Of all of these awesome adventures there is one that stands well above the others. It is parasailing. If you have never tried parasailing before you definitely should give it a try.

Two people parasailingParasailing is a great sport and for anyone who is never tried it there may be a few questions that you need answered before you give it a try. The first question that many people have is if parasailing is scary. The answer to that is quite easy. Parasailing is not scary but in fact it is quite the opposite. Anyone who has done parasailing in the past would tell you that it is an experience that is both peaceful and serene. The takeoffs and landings are very gentle and you will feel as if you are truly floating above the water on a cloud of air.

Beginners may also wonder if they need any experience to parasail. Once again, the answer to that question is quite easy. If you can sit down then you can parasail. When you bring your family to a beautiful Lake George parasailing resort you may find that there are a few minor restrictions. The minimum age to go parasailing is 6 years old. If you are 18 years of age or under you will have to have a guardian or parent sign a liability waiver. There will be a minimum combined weight of 160 pounds and a maximum combined weight of 450 pounds. However, the weight requirements may change on a daily basis due to wind conditions.

Lake George parasailing allows two or three people to parasail at the same time which will add more excitement to the voyage. The captain of the boat will make all final decisions about the number of participants and any weight restrictions. Some people believe that you take off from either the water or land but in reality you land and take off directly from the boat. You will be fitted with a special harness which will allow you to take off gently and then be retrieved by a hydraulic system.

Beautiful Day On Lake George

Can you picture yourself along with two friends as you slowly glide over the crystal clear waters of Lake George? You will be able to see for miles in each direction. As the green rolling hills and forests slowly go by you may catch a glimpse of some of the more famous homes of yesterday. Country estates of the Rockefeller’s, the Vanderbilt’s or the Whitney’s. Yes, a parasailing adventure will be a memory that will last for a lifetime. In fact, you may become addicted to this exciting new sport and decide to return to the gorgeous Lake George area for your next vacation.