Great Ideas for a Break in the Winter Cold: Swimming with the Pigs!

As much as we love upstate NY in the winter there does come a time when we need to get a way and get a healthy dose of sunshine. Below are some great places to do just that: As bizarre as it might sound swimming with the pigs has recently became a unique and surprisingly […]

The winter carnival in LK George, NY

As many of you already know, every February the village of Lake George puts together a grandiose winter celebration.  Known as the winter carnival. The most popular moments and activities take place every weekend in February. WHAT IS THE LK GEORGE WINTER CARNIVAL LIKE? The crisp winter air will invigorate you as you take in […]

Adirondack Culture: Quilting

Most americans have fond memories of snuggling up in an old quilt that their grandmother —or great-grandmother—  had made years before. Some of these family heirlooms may even have made the infamous trek out west on a wagon train. It is often complained that things just aren’t what they used to be, however, quilt making […]


  The only way to really get the magical feel of Lake George is to spend time actually on the lake. Many tourists that visit enjoy the many great activities that the area has to offer, maybe spend some time at the beach and then go home satisfied. However, they leave without having any idea […]


Imagine being in a secluded cove with pristine waters, rocky cliffs and picturesque islands surrounding you and your partner. As you sip your champaign you wonder how you are just now discovering this magical place so close to home… That magical place is Lake George, upstate New York, just a few hours from NYC. The […]

Boating on Lake George

There are few places on earth that can give you a feeling of serenity and acceleration simultaneously. Boating on Lake George is one of them! There is something about the tranquil crystalline waters surrounded by jutting cliffs, cozy coves and hundreds of unique islands that is hard to explain to someone who has never experienced […]

Stay in the Most Romantic Inn of Lake George Village

If you are looking for a romantic place to stay then look no further! Romeo & Giulietta’s Hideaway is exactly the kind of place that you think of when dreaming about a romantic getaway. As you sip an authentic cappuccino under the gazebo in the back you will wonder if you are still in NY or […]

The Town Of Lake George

The town of Lake George has an interesting history. Lake George is a long narrow Lake that was nicknamed the Queen of American Lakes. The lake is located in the Adirondack Mountains at the southeast base. The lake itself is within the upper region of the great Appalachian Valley and is situated along the historical […]

Village of Lake George – Introduction to a Travel Gem

One of the greatest and most stunning locations in the Adirondack Mountains is Lake George. It is an area that swarms with happy, sun-seeking travelers during the summer months and chills to the light of moonbeam filled off-season months with many happy residents. According to the official town website, there are actually more full time […]

Lk George Activities

Lake George is an exciting area in upper New York State. There are events planned throughout the year and if you are fortunate enough to be a resident you can enjoy these awesome events as they happen. If you are not a resident of LkGeorge then you should mosey on up and check out some […]