Amazing Lakes to Visit: Lake Sørvágsvatn

Our website obviously concentrates on Lake George, however, there are many similar lakes the world that are worth visiting. We have decided to start to include interesting articles on amazing lakes in the world in our posts.

This post is dedicated to an amazing and fascinating place at the “end of the world”, Lake Sørvágsvatn (also known as Lake Leitisvatn).

The lake about three and a half square kilometers. That isn’t very big, however it does make it the second largest lake in the Faroe archipelago (Iceland).

The fascinating thing about this lake is the optical illusion that it creates, the way it seems to be held in by a massive cliff that drop off into the sea below.

The lake seems to be tipped towards the ocean, but somehow held in by gravity. It is truly an intriguing site.

The difference in elevation around the lake is less than thirty meters, it goes from 252 meters on the low side and up to 376 meters on the high side. More than the height difference, it is the magnificent and sudden drops in elevation that add to the illusion of the lake being “tipped” into the sea while somehow being held in by gravity.

Another intriguing aspect of the scene is how from afar it reminds one of those swimming pools that have water that goes up to a wall that then drops off into the beautiful scenery below.

The first time I saw a picture of the lake I was amazed and decided to research it and see if it was real. It is now on my list of amazing places that I need to see in the world.

The video below offers a great prospective of the lake from a drone flying around it. I think you will enjoy seeing it as much as I did:

As mentioned before the lake has two names. The nearby village of Sørvágsvatn has claimed their name to identify the spectacular lake. However, those who live in other nearby towns which are connected to its waterways prefer the name of Leitisvatn. I guess they —understandably— want to be identified with the lake also.

Whatever you decide to call it, it is certainly a natural marvel, one that is worth a visit if you ever have the opportunity. Of course the Faroe archipelago of Iceland has many other fascinating places to see along with some great food and great people!