Horseback Riding Tips

Lake George has long been considered one of the best places to come for a break in the fast pace of city life. Especially in the summertime you will find lots of people visiting from NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut and even Montreal. Most of them come to relax and soak up the therapeutic effects that nature offers.

One often overlooked way to take in the beautiful Adirondack landscape is horseback riding. There are several stables around Lake George that offer riding tours for everyone, from beginners to experts.

We hope this article will inspire you to give one of them a try!


Before taking a look at the possibilities in the area we would like to start with some tips that may help you out before you hit the trails:

Any rider will tell you that posture is important, both for your comfort and the effectiveness of your riding. The following article has some great tips for beginners and experts alike:


If you were motivated by the idea of trail riding you will probably enjoy the following article:


If you are new to horse back riding and want to understand how to take a guided tour you will probably enjoy the following video:

You might find the following video interesting also. She does a great job in explaining mistakes that rookie riders often make and how to avoid them:



Several of our guests have gone here and all of them had a great time! This riding stable has been family owned for 75 years! So, needless to say, they know what they are doing.

They offer numerous packages, their most popular option is the hour long ride, however they also offer a half hour ride. If you have a young child and would like them to get their first experience on a horse, but you are a little nervous about it, then Bennett’s has a solution: they offer for young ones hand led rides on some of their most tame horses.

Of course if you are an experienced rider they have an amazing option for you. They offer a two hour morning adventure ride that arrives at the summit of Beech Mountain and boasts spectacular views!

The best option in my opinion is the Sunset dinner ride. Imagine taking an evening ride through the Adirondacks, crossing streams, watching for wildlife and soaking up the natural beauty around you. Upon arriving at the summit of Beech Mountain your guide prepares a fire and cooks up an incredibly delicious dinner. As you take in the breathtaking views from the summit you enjoy a complimentary steak, chicken or salmon barbecue prepared for you by your guide!

If you want more information follow the link to their website:



One of the best places around for riding lessons is in the Saratoga area, which is not far from Lake George and is definitely worth the visit. The Olde Saratoga Farms is a great place and is dedicated to developing you into the best rider you can be. Their family friendly farm and country hospitality are exactly what you would expect from an area that is famous for its horse breeding and historic race track!

They offer riding lessons for all levels,young, old, beginner, expert and disabled riders are all catered to perfectly. You can choose between individual or group lessons and one time or regular classes.

Their horses are literally award winning, they compete in horse shows along with Old Saratoga Farm’s employees! So the horses are obviously well cared for and extremely well groomed. Take a look at their YELP page and you will understand why they have a 5 star review!


We hope you have found this article interesting and hope that it will help to prepare you better! When you come to Lake George we hope you will enjoy the wonderful experience that horseback riding offers!