Great Ideas for a Break in the Winter Cold: Swimming with the Pigs!

As much as we love upstate NY in the winter there does come a time when we need to get a way and get a healthy dose of sunshine. Below are some great places to do just that:

As bizarre as it might sound swimming with the pigs has recently became a unique and surprisingly fun activity in the Bahamas.

The Pigs call home the Island of Big Major Kay, they are not natural to the habitat, however, they have adapted very well!

There are several theories as to how they came to inhabit the Island where they now prosper. However they arrived, it is obvious that they are happy there and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon!

If you want some unusual stories to tell you skiing buddies once you get back and show off your tan, you should seriously consider swimming with the pigs!

For more information check out the video below or visit the pigs’ official website: Swimming Pigs

Of course once you get back from your vacation you will probably be refreshed and ready for some fun winter activities.

Once you get back fro the warm weather Lake George is a great place to come and get your dose of good c’old winter fun 😉