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Tips on Buying Winter Boots and Snow Boots Online

Tips on Buying Winter Boots and Snow Boots Online   If you live in or are going to visit a cold climate, like Upstate NY, then you know the importance of keeping your feet warm and hence the importance of having a good pair, or two, of warm and waterproof winter boots. In recent years […]

Hiking Boot Jargon – Help for Online Shopping

Buying hiking boots online can be an intimidating process. There are several factors to consider and a surprising amount of jargon. A previous post covered the basics on the three base types of hiking boots and explained the difference between: day hiking boots, backpacking boots, and hiking shoes. Once you are familiar with the basic […]

Understanding Which Hiking Boot to Buy

There is nothing better than the sensation that comes from an amazing hike through rough country terrain. One of the biggest factors to whether or not you will be able to enjoy that sensation is the boots that you have on your feet. No, that is not an exaggeration. The right hiking boots, or lack […]

Tips for Buying the Perfect Snowboarding Boots Online

A rookie mistake that way too many people make is to spend their money on buying an awesome snowboard while skimping on the boots.  You should choose your snowboarding boots very wisely, since they can make the difference between a great day on the mountain or a miserable one. It is essential that the boots […]