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The Romantic Allure of A-Frames

The iconic A-frame style cabins are back in the spotlight and it’s not hard to understand why! The same minimalist simplistic lifestyle that has been attracting us to tiny-houses applies to the classic A-frame, but with an intriguing twist. If you have ever lived or vacationed in an A-frame, then you understand its’ appeal. Similar […]

Online Building & Remodeling Inspiration – Where to Look

While writing about Adirondack architecture, the great camps and boathouses I found myself dreaming about building. Coming from a family of builders this shouldn’t have come as a surprise, it seems to be in the blood 😉 In the process I discovered some great sites to fuel my imagination. The architectural world has exploded online […]

The Adirondacks & Tiny Homes

The Adirondacks have long been famous for the sprawling great camps of the wealthy in the 1800’s. Things have changed since then, however, the Adirondack Mountains are still just as fascinating a destination. In this modern age you don’t need to have a ton of money in order to set up your own “great camp”. […]


Log cabins have been enjoyed by Americans for literally hundreds of years and they are as loved now as they were centuries ago! There are many traditional styles that are common in the United States, some of which have evolved into complex elite residences and others which have maintained the rustic simplicity of the past. […]

The Wonderful World of Boathouses

I have always been fascinated by Boathouses, both the kind you live in and the kind that are built as garages for boats. This article is about the latter. LAKE GEORGE & BOARTHOUSES Most of the high end lakefront properties in Lake George have nice boathouses on the lake. Due to the cold winters these […]


  The only way to really get the magical feel of Lake George is to spend time actually on the lake. Many tourists that visit enjoy the many great activities that the area has to offer, maybe spend some time at the beach and then go home satisfied. However, they leave without having any idea […]

Stay in the Most Romantic Inn of Lake George Village

If you are looking for a romantic place to stay then look no further! Romeo & Giulietta’s Hideaway is exactly the kind of place that you think of when dreaming about a romantic getaway. As you sip an authentic cappuccino under the gazebo in the back you will wonder if you are still in NY or […]