Boating on Lake George

There are few places on earth that can give you a feeling of serenity and acceleration simultaneously. Boating on Lake George is one of them!

There is something about the tranquil crystalline waters surrounded by jutting cliffs, cozy coves and hundreds of unique islands that is hard to explain to someone who has never experienced it.

Lake George is only a few hours north of New York City and a few hours south of Montreal. Thousands of people travel there weekly as a weekend getaway, romantic outing or a family vacation. Whatever you are looking for you can find it here.

Of the many activities to chose from, in this article we will be concentrating on boating in a private boat.


If you own a boat you can easily launch it at the public launch site at the south end of Lake George Village. There is a very comfortable launch site with parking for your trailer right next to the historic “Million Dollar Beach”.

It cost about $10 to launch your boat and park your trailer. Included is access to the beach facilities. Once in the water you will be free to go where you want. The launch site, as of this year, is open from 6:00 am until 8:00 pm. If you want to stay in the water later you can dock the boat at the public dock just a few hundred yards away and leave it there until the next morning. The trailer, however, must be removed before sundown.


Another option is to rent a boat. There are several companies that rent boat in the Village of Lake George, however, you may have to book in advance since they fill up pretty quickly during the summer months.

Chips marina in Bolton Landing offers good boats and fair pricing, although they are farther north they have a larger selection of boats. A nice thing about renting in Bolton Landing is that you will be closer to the narrows and the famous Paradise Bay (more on that in a future post).


DSC_0455If you don’t have much experience driving boats and would rather sit back, relax and let someone else do the navigating you may want to try out a guided tour. There are several companies that offer such services.

There are several advantages to this approach. You will have a professional navigator who is very familiar with the lake. Not only will he be able to navigate safely, but he will also be familiar with all of the special spots on the lake. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about the gas, which can be very expensive on the lake.

Many hotels and even some smaller Inns and Bed & Breakfasts such as The Boat House (Bolton Landing) and Romeo & Giulietta’s Hideaway (Lake George Village) offer guided tours to their guests.


In future articles we will go over some specific places to see on the lake, some great restaurants that you can get to from your boat and other unforgettable experiences. We will also consider the different options for taking cruises or dinners on party boats or seeng the fireworks directly in the water! For now you have plenty to think about!

However you decide to be on the lake, it will be an unforgettable experience! Do not forget to take along your swimsuit, a camera and some sunscreen!