Awesome Things To Do Lake George

There are many awesome things to do Lake George, New York. Some of these things include fishing and hunting, golfing, beaches, scuba diving, skydiving, tubing, rafting, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, rock climbing, hot air balloons, boat rentals, amusement parks, farmers markets, horseback riding, rodeos, museums, wineries, breweries, theaters, summer camps, distilleries, helicopter tours and the list goes on and on and on.

Colorful hot air balloon at the festivalThings to do in Lake George are endless and if you have the opportunity to take a family vacation to this beautiful area you will be thoroughly impressed. Lake George and the surrounding area has a rich history that dates back to a visit by the famous explorer, Samuel Champlain. This area has been popular for over a century and has attracted many famous artists and also many of the rich and famous. You will be completely surprised by the affordability of a vacation to this beautiful lake and town.

For example, have you ever been on a hot-air balloon ride? Many people have dreamed about taking such a journey but never seem to have the opportunity. When you visit Lake George you can take a balloon ride and have a memory that will last forever. There are many people who choose this adventure for special occasions or for family get-togethers. Imagine what it would be like as you slowly travel below the clouds and just above the treetops.

A hot-air balloon ride will be the experience of a lifetime as you have the opportunity to view the countryside from a 360° view. Your hot air balloon will gently float over small communities, winding rivers, and rolling farmlands. You will reach an altitude of 3000 feet above the ground so that you can see the countryside for miles. At times you will be low enough to wave to an individual who will see you and wave back. Are you daring enough to reach out and grab a leaf from the top of a tree? There is no greater experience than a hot-air balloon ride and this may be a lifetime opportunity for you to enjoy.

If a balloon ride is not adventurous enough for your Lake George adventure you could consider a two hour ride in a helicopter. There are helicopter tours that will take you through the gorgeous Adirondacks, around Lake George, and even as far as the southern Vermont’s Green Mountain Region. You will be accommodated by an experienced helicopter pilot. Your trip will begin inside of a luxurious cabin that has a bubble window for an expanded, scenic view of the area.

Some the other features that you will be provided with are headsets so that you can communicate with the pilot and outside air vents to control the comfort of the temperature inside the cabin. This company has been given permission to fly a lot slower and lower so that you can enjoy a beautiful perspective of the lakes and mountains. Therefore, whether you want a slow hot air balloon ride or a faster helicopter tour make sure that you visit this beautiful area to experience its many attractions.